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Not the 3 mil or lower. I finished it with Gamvar matte varnish. The best-consolidated freight shippers will provide packing services that comply with insurance requirements. My goal is that if the glass breaks, shipping large artwork, I want to ensure that the glass needs to be held together by the tape and not damage the painting or the client. Would it be better to remove the canvas from its framing and ship in a tube? I tape the Tyvek securely with tape around the painting.

I also stress to the customer, to use an ammonia free glass cleaner, and spray on the rag, not the glass to clean it and protect the UV Museum glass on the painting. The instructions said it would take a couple days to dry, and it had dried for over a week — also dry to the touch. I ship quite a bit of art with glass on it, and I have been pretty lucky regarding damage over the years.

The corrugation of the cardboard, Grain or direction of the cardboard was going in different directions on 2 different folded envelopes for the print. I wrap the rest of it the way I usually do, and have had success using these. The price was very reasonable; I would have ended up paying almost as much to pack the art myself and ship via Fedex.

I assume they will be just as go here when I ship.

The frame of the painting was art storage company angeles in shipping and UPS denied the insurance claim. Before tracking your package, you have the option of entering up to three e-mail addresses and a short message optional. They are cheap, and great because they include these large foam corners that can go around each corner of the artwork and give it a great cushion if it is dropped.

Hello there! I should have written to corporate head quarters as a gallery owner friend with a similar problem did. If it drops on the same corner again, some of that protection is missing, Some damage can occur. To receive email notifications, use the online tracking feature.

Is extra insurance available for shipping art? A quick observation; I have generally put a layer of click to see more on the art side before shrink wrapping it.

Larger artwork is also priced differently. Again thank you for the excellent article. Contact The UPS Store location that shipped your item s immediately to inquire about the possibility of re-routing your shipment. Paintings must be properly packaged according to strict requirements to be insured. This creates another level of protection and prevents the crushing of the corners.

I would use them all the time, but unfortunately they only do runs up and down the east coast. Online Estimate. Pack and ship this item without visiting a FedEx Office Location. Thanks, Jason, for your wonderful advice on packing and shipping artworks. I have no control over where the client lives or how much it would cost to ship to their location. It would seem that the thin plastic would stick to the painting. This fee-based service allows shippers to request the intercept of packages prior to delivery, providing greater flexibility in managing shipping needs.

Contact the package carrier directly to inquire about specific delivery details of your shipment. The customers were great, and everything was worked satisfactorily there. My latest sale was shipped from Montana to Calgary during the Christmas holidays and it arrived safely. Professionalism I have often declared that artists and gallerists are as much in the performance art business as the visual art business.

Adding labels and always including insurance. Has anybody tried this method? He ended up getting a full refund. No matter what size of painting you are shipping, packing them properly to prevent puncture and other damage is essential.

For one show I used an art shipper who came to my house and individually wrapped and packed each of three fairly large paintings.

The oil paint was done with very thin layers on wood panel, and dry to the touch after over a month. I just print it and post it on my studio wall. One of your photos show the plastic pallet wrap touching the painting. Every piece is different, but these steps are a good place to start:. The plastic wrap I used is the 4 mil. That flat folded box was then taped and put into the double walled piece of lb that was made from the opposite direction cardboard and everything securely taped with the heavy duty tape.

Can I point you in the right direction? Fine art shipping blogs Make art shipping easy with these resources. Paintings, especially stretched canvas, are delicate. Call Us, shipping large artwork. Because our locations are individually owned and operated, The UPS Store headquarters does not have access to your shipping details.

Dear Jason, Thank you very much for the time put into this truly excellent information. I did use another art shipper to transport a large piece of art to CA for which I built a wooden crate. Anyways, thanks again for your time writing and sharing this. I use Fedex. Check it out. We then shipped it directly to a framer in Florida without the glass, and the framer then cut the Museum glass to fit and put the painting back together and delivered it to the client.

After growing https://moverslosangeles.co/interstate-moving-los-angeles-ca.html with all of the inaccurate and boring shipping resources out there, he decided click to see more combine his love of writing and shipping into educational articles on Shipping School.

Beyond this, packing paintings first and shipping them early or storing them in a safe place is a good way to protect them throughout the moving process. I use the glassine or an acid free archival paper that I wrap all pieces in before I ship so continue reading the painting does not come in contact with anything that can potentially harm the painting.

The print was wrapped in an archival paper and taped to the inside of the cardboard. Long story article source, the glass broke and there was some damage to the painting from a glass shard. How do I ship framed artwork safely? Thank you Jason for yet another fabulous article. What are the best tubes? Take a look at our how-to video, so you can pack your artwork like a pro. Get instructions for how to pack, ship, market and manage a business.

Sharpie Nothing beats a Sharpie for marking your cardboard for cutting. Artwork can be immensely valuable, both financially and sentimentally. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging items we accept for transit.

We make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding this information. Continue reading way your painting is mounted determines how it should be packed. If you drop the box 1 time on a corner that can break a bubble of the bubble wrap. He's on a mission to shed light on shipping so small businesses can succeed. I have been shipping my works when sold directly for a while and always just dreaded click and started paying a service to do it, but boy it becomes pricey very quickly… I think your way of methodically approaching the task and just have a separate sort of mindset about it makes a lot of sense and encourages me to set up a dedicated station in my studio.

With the best freight shipping companies, recurring shipments can be scheduled in as little as a single email. Having gone through a mishap in the past, I go to great lengths to ensure that the paintings arrive safely. Contact The UPS Store location that shipped your item s immediately to inquire about the possibility of address correction.

One client purchased one of my large watercolors at an auction and decided to have it shipped from Montana to Florida. It is wrapped around the painting. Wrap the artwork. Unmounted canvases can be rolled and shipped in tubes, while stretched canvases should be carefully packed in boxes. Why should the artist or gallery pay for the shipping? I wrap with the bubble wrap as you detailed and box with a box within a box as you detailed.

Ask this Author click the following article Question. If the information on the online tracking feature is unclear, contact the carrier directly to inquire about specific delivery details of your shipment. I repaired the piece an there was no visible sign of any damage.

T-Square A good T-Square will help you make straight, even cuts when modifying your boxes. I had a box company create a box for me to ship prints in. Introduction I have been in the gallery business since Safety One of the worst imaginable calls in the art business is from a client who has received a piece of artwork damaged in transit. Their daughter owned a shipping company. Acrylic paintings may be dry to the touch and varnished, but when they come in contact shipping large artwork the plastic wrap type of covering, the wrap can adhere to the surface of the art.

Then create a box around as you described. I buy the versatile Sharpie markers by the dozens so I never have to worry about running short.

How to Ship Artwork | FedEx

The inner sleeve for the cardboard was a single wall piece of cardboard. I personally wrap my paintings shipping large artwork glassine paper first for an extra protection. I had someone tell me to ship larger works un-stretched and rolled in a tube. They were extremely professional but the cost was very high.

Do I have to worry about the change in climate? More weight and cost but they always arrived in one piece. With eCommerce growing rapidly each year, shipping is more important than ever before. I shipped a painting with UPS and insured it for the full value of the painting. Reddit paid movers los angeles much how are a great resource.

I ended up having to pay for the repair costs, shipping large artwork. Back to top. Hi Jason or knowledgeable artists, Which shippers do you recommend?

Does the tape hurt the coating on the glass? I take the outside box and add an additional protection. So what is a tiny bit of the profit for a more costly painting source wipe out the entire profit for a modest-priced one. I was curious about his procedure. This article was a great help. Thanks again for your valuable advice. Customizable Products. Feel free to reach out and drop him a line!

I let the customer know that if there is breakage, they should take it to a framer and let them remove the painting from the frame to ensure its safety. But the varnish apparently did not agree with glassine or agreed too much, I should say. If you did not ship your item s at The UPS Store, contact the package carrier directly to obtain your tracking number. Your email address will not be published. Obviously, shipping a painting to Europe would cost more than shipping the same item across town.

If you are like me and packing and shipping is shipping large artwork your least favorite part of running your business, always be grateful for it — because it means that business is good! Dear Jason, Excellent article, but a couple of things to add. On the other hand, a client is going to be reluctant to purchase an item from a distant gallery or artist if they have to pay a huge packing and shipping fee.

I tape those into the corners, and then add another layer of cardboard that is the height of the box by the length of each side of the box.

They are not perfect, but I have shipped art with them for years—first my illustration work to my clients and now my fine art. Subscription Options. If you are shipping a single painting or smaller pieces, or need expedited shipping, parcel shipping is your best option. Packaging Option.

I recently was shipping a heavy volume of pieces and I had a couple damaged in transit. Request Online Quote. But in one instance, works shipped to France, which took a few weeks, the glassine stuck to the painting and ruined it.

Luckily, the collector was happy to except a replacement. But it is my understanding that they only go up and down the east coast. The evidence shows this to be true. I feel very uncertain now about using glassine to ship, because I do want to varnish my paintings. I really felt that for my previous shipments to be broken they literally had to be ny los angeles them, because I packed them well, but these foam corners really give it a cushion, even if dropped.

When the package is delivered, e-mail notifications will be sent to all specified e-mail addresses with a link to the most current package information.

The Right Tools for the Job My father-in-law is an attorney by day and an avid woodworker by night and weekend. I avoid UPS because they seem to be the least professional when it comes to receiving items on my end.

International Shipping. I have shipped large works to Europe a couple of times, but it was years ago when things were more lax. Tape the glass. Here is a simple guide on how to safely pack artwork framed with glass for shipping: 1. They constructed the boxes to custom fit each piece, shipping large artwork. But it has set unrealistic expectations for our art customers. I really appreciate it. So lesson learned.

How to Safely Pack Framed Artwork for Shipping?

Any suggestions on where to source boxes and the most economical shipper? Do you know if it is ok to use masking tape on museum glass to guard against breakage? For other shows I have used Fedex. Instead, I now avoid avoid UPS.

Any suggestions for reliable shippers? I just started shipping my artwork and you helped me avoid some of the pitfalls! Under the section about packing tape you say:. I wanted to make one comment—a minor correction to your article. Any shipping partner should be qualified to handle these delicate items, and they should also be able to provide a safe transportation environment that reduces the risk of damage to your artwork, such as temperature control, shipping large artwork.

This way the shipping costs will be minimal. Our locations are staffed with packing professionals who take great care in securing your item s for shipment. Where do you source these size boxes? Call our small move experts today Start My Los angeles Online. Hi, I had an expensive piece of art that arrived with the plastic stuck to the entire painting. This was one of those cases where time was more important than money.

Pulling up will pull the paint up. A customer of mine sent me a photo of the damage and my heart sank. If shipping large artwork are shipping a small artwork, you can use a durable cardboard box.

Haha…so sorry…just saw that you actually mentioned that exact thing! Again, thanks for the great advice! We offer a wide range of packaging supplies and materials, including envelopes, boxes, bubble cushioning, packaging peanuts and tape.

Custom fine art shipping company you can trust

Email me with questions or for good for crate-making resource. I called the trace department and have submitted the image of painting for them to locate the package. Good luck. Just ask our packing experts for advice on what supplies will best suit your needs, shipping large artwork. It has been a week since but with no progress call so far. Can anyone help Ian going doolally! The best way to do this is to include plenty of packing material inside your box. The value is underIam a hobbyist — and iam completely unsure how duty tax works.

Any insight or direction would be helpful — thank you, Jerm Wright. Can you pay for the return postage at the end of the show? I am looking at starting an online art store and have been trying to find good information https://moverslosangeles.co/new-york-la-movers.html shipping oil paintings. Can I point you in the right direction? We uphold quality packaging standards for the safe arrival of your item s. I contacted a moving company that had a delicate electronics shipping division and they were able to ship the glass in my shipping box, plywood and rigid Styrofoam to the client.

Chicago to los angeles, Thanks for the awesome information. By the way, thank you for all the information, I can always learn something new link your articles, shipping large artwork.

Try a small piece away from the painting first. Jason, I am just jumping in on this thread, but I have heard of a company that shows up shipping large artwork your door with a shipping box needed for your painting and takes it right then and there to ship out to the customer — thus cutting out on the shipping prep that the painter may need to do. I have tried to get it off the painting and have not been able to.

Do you know the name or site of this company? Use the link below to find your closest store, schedule an appointment, or learn more about their products and services. Need help not moves los angeles opinion a fine art shipment or long distance small move? Pulling low and across will have more of a shearing action. What are the pitfalls? If the plastic remains flexible then try an inconspicuous corner.

To add to you glass suggestion. Jason…Thanks heaps for this detailed and excellent handbook! When we pack and ship your items using materials purchased from The UPS Store, we'll cover the cost of packing and shipping plus the value of your items, if lost or damaged.

Do you have any suggestions for shipping from overseas to USA. I have been here 6 weeks painting and now need to send my work home. Or a portion of it. BUT, be very careful. My query is as a art lover that buys and sells constantly what is your opinion about. Jason, new this web page shipping, it was sooo helpful and for the most part I had been advised by A high volume artist shipping large artwork of art.

Do you have an experience with FedEx that the painting package shipping label was missing during a transit. When you ship your painting s using consolidated freight, your artwork will share space on the truck with other shipments heading in the same direction. They came relocated angeles to my house and crated my large cradled birch panels which were painted with acrylic and had a high gloss varnish on them… headed to a restaurant.

Please click for source very much… Ray. The first is to try a hair dryer.

Need to ship large artwork? Thanks for your advice Ron. This is so great! The cost of parcel shipping is based on the level of service you choose. What is the best way? Hi Jason, Such great article!

In such a case, shipping large artwork, you will additionally need special corner protectors required for frame protection. Pulling up may pull the paint from the canvas. This happened to me about ten years ago. International Shipping. But where to get those boxes? Packaging Option. Plus it is a whole lot shipping large artwork to ship! Art Shipping Services Shipping artwork does not have to be complicated or expensive. The client had spent months working on details, so when it came time to ship we only had a few days to complete the project.

Dimensional weight more accurately reflects the density of your shipment—or, the amount of space it takes up about its actual weight. What is your opinion about removing paintings from the stretchers and shipping rolled up?

When we do this, we are assuming all of the risk. If you only have a few paintings to ship and you have space in your vehicle, moving your artwork yourself will save you some money—and the stress of waiting for your package to arrive undamaged. Again try a small sample piece first to see if the plastic becomes brittle when cold. It also comes with door-to-door tracking in the United States. We really louis movers los angeles are even make custom boxes for those odd-sized items.

The oil painting came from Florida and I live in Arizona. Pricing includes the right FedEx box solution, cushioning materials, and expert packing service backed by the FedEx Office Packing Pledge.

However, the best shipping software solutions pass these savings along to you for free! Because you live professional moving los angeles county a warm climate the oil may have softened with the temperature, and overheated shipping vessel, and therefore adhered to the plastic.

Jason, thanks for this really in depth article. You may get some distortion either way. Chilling may be the better option here. Request Online Quote. Peel the plastic back so that you are almost flush with the painting. Cut it off if you have too. Click to chat with a specialist. It will melt under heat and remain stretchy when cold.

Thanks for the article. Good grief, so much information…. If you have a large collection or are dealing with large volumes, consolidated freight is typically ideal. There was a time when we were building a 4 foot by 5 foot stained glass unit that would be used as signage for a store.

Do you just absorb that cost if the painting sells at the show? Then, divide the cubic size by the specific dimensional weight divisor determined by your parcel shipping service to calculate dimensional weight. Work small portions of the plastic at a time. You want to warm the paint just enough to let go of the plastic. This is a great article, thanks.

Take a look at our how-to video, so you can pack your artwork like a pro. Pack and ship this item without visiting a FedEx Office Location.

If the freight company damages the work, they will not pay for the damage. I want to make sure it arrives safely.

How to Ship a Painting Cross Country: Cost & Fine Art Packing Tips

Do you have any thoughts on shipping multiple paintings? Create a shipment at your local FedEx Office with your shipping large artwork information and a payment method. Carefully warm an area a little at continue reading time. This was incredibly helpful. Shipping large artwork typically reserves these discounts for huge shippers sending out more than 50, packages a year, shipping large artwork.

You only pay for the amount of space your shipment takes up on the truck, which helps keep your costs lower, especially for larger collections. Then when you pull off the plastic or bubble wrap, the paint might end up being pulled off as well! Very helpful! The main question is, where or what website can I buy boxes for my paintings on a good price. I save my canvas boxes… But they have 3 to a box and no Room for wrap. Thanks so much! Next-day or expedited shipments will cost significantly more than regular ground freight, no matter how they are packed.

The second option is to chill the painting. Would you ship them separately or combine them into a singe package? I was told that the package was there and trace is on processing. Otherwise, start in an inconspicuous corner on a low heat setting.

We carry our own insurance to cover these continue reading of costs if they occur. The UPS Store can help with crating and shipping your large art items. Please note that such a method can be applied only if you have a custom crate with reinforced backings and foam inserts that perfectly fit your artwork.

The painting in question is oil, but thinly painted. These boxes can even be reused for shipping and storage. Customizable Products. Just a question, I want to ship a number of paintings on a regular basis, is this a good practice to remove them from the frame and then roll all the canvasses and put them in a tube container?

There are different types of plastic. Some react to heat and some do not. It also depends on the thickness of the plastic.

You may decide that you can ship the work without insurance and assume the risk article source. Place an ice-cube on the plastic in the corner you wish to try and hold it there a short while. What do you think about sending a return label in the box with customers painting, and having the customer return the box to me to reuse on my next order?

You may need to ask your shipping provider for this information. Probably just taring apart. I am shipping my paintings to customers, and would like to reuse my boxes.

How Do I Ship Paintings?

As stained shipping large artwork artists, we have to use care in every shipment we make. Rideshare or peer-to-peer shipping is like carpool for cargo. Customer Reviews. We had to get it there before the grand opening, undamaged. A lot of juried shows will no longer accept glass in framed works. Fine art shipping blogs Make art shipping easy with these resources.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the plastic off an oil painting? Thanks for sharing with artist. Hi Jason, great article! What about paying for return shipping, how is that done? Find a Store. If the oil and the plastic have had a chemical reaction and bonded together I am not sure what you can do. Thanks so much for this information, I always feel intimidated by shipping artwork but this article is so detailed, complete, and easy to follow, shipping large artwork.

Subscription Options. If it curls up at all do not do this. Thank you so much for writing this article. You can use different types of packing material such as packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, and foam sheets to cover the canvas. Any thoughts about whether or not rabbit skin glue would be more inclined or less inclined to crack? After you post your shipment on an online marketplace, potential shipping partners who are traveling in the right direction will bid on your shipment. How about doing one on how to ship large Unstretched canvas in tubes?

Just starting to sell some of my paintings, trying not to spend too much money on it but of course make sure it gets to the other part in one peace. Personally I go to Lowes click here get boxes of clear 4 mil sheet plastic in ft. Shipping posters Group Created with Sketch. It is also used in the food industry for items like cookie pouches or wrapping butter. I love the plastic wrap and use it often but great idea to put it around the paintings prior to boxing.

Blink Smart Security for Every Home. Thank you for a very good article and the informative responses. Thanks, Jason!! Our locations are staffed with packing professionals who take great care in securing your item s for shipment.

It will not stick to anything. Use the link below to find your closest store, schedule an appointment, or learn more about their products and services. The whole package was soaking wet when it arrived.

I ship my glass paintings, and have learned from friends to double-box using foam in both boxes so that the work is entirely surrounded by foam. Beware wrapping your painting in plastic when it is varnished, it can stick to the painting doing damage to the work. Another option is Tyvek.

Again, thanks for a great article— the part about adjusting the size of the box was especially helpful. Every piece is different, but these steps are a good place to start:. I have used them over and over throughout the years and they are also good to store beautifully framed work. Although I primarily ship prints and ceramics, this is great information to have handy! Inteeesting packers los angeles movers see your response.

How do I ship a sculpture? Besides Uline I have not found another good source for boxes. It was a great find for me. Thank you so much! Canvases come in a slightly weird shape, so you may want to invest in source packaging for your packages.

I have started to use glassine paper which is extremely hard to get large size in the UK unfortunately. This is information close to the heart of every artist. Steps for how to ship artwork. What an amazing article and suggestions! We still have select slots available for pickup! Thank you Jason! I have made various size soft bags using felt lined vinyl. How To Ship Paintings Read about five common ways to ship paintings, shipping large artwork, companies la ca moving pros and shipping large artwork and when to use each method.

Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. Hi Desley, The papery plastic wrap you refer to is Glassine, as others have already mentioned.

Glassine is a translucent paper product often used for archiving paintings a photos. It is used here by hunters to wrap cut meat.

How to Ship Paintings | A Step-by-Step Guide for Artists and Galleries - RedDotBlog

For recurring or shipping large artwork shipments or long-distance moves of large paintings or larger collections, consolidated freight is ideal. I have been looking for my notes from your webinar on this topic. Thanks Jason for sharing your knowledge.

And do you have a preference link brown mailing paper that is both flexible and strong? I loved this thorough and well-written article.

It has proven a lifesaver on several occasions. I advise anyone who has the opportunity to take one of your workshops, to do so. An artist located in Saigon had shipped a matted and framed watercolor for an international show to the U. No plastic wrap no plastic bag, just cardboard protection. The watercolor paper was severely buckled, some of the paint had been released in the process and the entire matting was destroyed.

Hi Nancy. I need to know of a good art shipper for artwork from San Diego to Cincinnati. Visit our Reviews page for some recommendations for custom packaging companies! I have been doing all of this with the exception of the palette wrap, never heard of it, could you tell us a brand name so I can shipping large artwork some? Except for FedEx. They ship very well that way, stay in place, shipping large artwork, and are nice and neat.

I find it a little perplexing that you advise against bubble wrap against the surface of a painting, but not plastic wrap. The second issue with things like ceramics or glass is their weight, because heavy works should be in custom-made crates. Your article was so practicle, great to see photos of packaging! Great advice. However, First Shipping large artwork Package does not.

Using the kinds of packing material mentioned above is the best way this web page can keep that from happening. Also Uline has minimum amounts which are mostly more than I need or want. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Click the following article no longer uses plastic palette wrap. Looking for a better alternative. If they are heavy, even double-boxing with foam is not enough protection.

It is shiny and slippery on one side and heavy paper on the other. Can you advise anyone? Contact us to secure your spot on the schedule. When we pack and ship your items using materials purchased from The UPS Store, we'll cover the cost of packing and shipping plus the value of your items, if lost or damaged. Thank you very, very much for sharing in such a pictorial and informative way that us visual people can understand.

You mentioned that when you hand deliver a piece to the client you will wrap it in bubble wrap. How do I ship framed artwork safely? No bubble wrap is necessary as the interior has a sheet cardboard system that allows for this, for artwork to be positioned securely for shipment. Recommended Shipping large artwork Method Moving locally or long distance? Amazon Subscription Boxes Top subscription boxes — right to your door. Now two shipments is only two, but these boxes seem pretty darn good and they are easy to assemble.

Others have also mentioned this in their comments. Prints, photos, and framed artwork Glass and framed artwork is especially vulnerable to damage in transit. Declare artwork value. Perhaps Jason will also write an article on shipping sculpture. Very helpful info. Therefore, we always recommend that you purchase additional shipping insurance in case your canvas takes damage during transit or is lost.

I am trying to mail a framed with glass painting that is 50 inches long and 33 inches wide. Thanks for your generosity in sharing it. Great, shipping large artwork, very helpful article, Jason.

Group Created with Sketch. Reynolds makes it and it is found at Wallmart in large rolls in the same section as kitchen wrapping plastic. It will be my shipping Bible, with the use of the freezer wrap! Marlys johnson. Good article. Dear Jason, Thank you for posting this information. I will be sure to share this on facebook. After years of shipping my work to galleries, still something to learn! Thank you again! Ring Smart Home Security Systems.

Thanks for taking so much time to write a detailed article with photos. How much does it cost to ship a piece of artwork? If you are shipping a single painting or smaller pieces, or need expedited shipping, parcel shipping is your best go here. The piece is 6. Costs more than Glassine. This is an extreme case but so sad when it happens.

I find it really difficult to get boxes at good prices as Uline seems to be the best source, and if you want larger sizes you have to pay for truck deliver which is a lot more expensive than UPS which is their usual shipper. Thanks fo much! Now I can add the information next just click for source your book. Let me add some additional info based on my shipping of client work in my giclee printing business.

One point I might add. Since foam occupies all the air space, there is no way for the artwork to migrate toward the edges and thus get damaged if the box gets rough treatment. Find a Store. This is why I use heavy freezer paper sometimes called butcher paper as the first wrap and not plastic.

I sew up the sides with seam facing out so the inner felt side has no edges for artwork to hit, just felt. We uphold quality packaging standards for the safe arrival of your item s. I use Glassine paper as the first layer against the painted surface, and then bubble wrap. This is more of a fibrous clothe material. Consider our professional art crating services that you can order right now at a reasonable price.

The cost of shipping your painting depends on what shipping method you choose. I plan on having Stan Bowman make some copies of my paintings and to ship them as you have suggested.

Now I first wrap the paintings in brown mailing paper and then in a clear plastic bag, taped closed with shipping tape in case the package comes into contact with water. I love that you are a very practical, hands-on gallery owner continue reading speaks so well to the artists you sell. Great article!

Thank you. Often used for shipping software CDs or wrapping houses. Both are available by the roll from Uline. Hi Jason, This is a great article with lots of valuable info. Thanks again! Thanks so much, Connie. We can even make custom boxes for those odd-sized items. How to ship artwork. I will never use peanuts again! We offer a wide range of packaging supplies and materials, including envelopes, boxes, bubble cushioning, packaging peanuts and tape.

What plastic bag do you use, may I ask? Sculpture Proper packaging is essential when shipping sculpture. Thank you so much for such an informative article, shipping large artwork. I would love to learn how to do the packaging and preparing of the shipping large artwork for shipping so as to be able to pass that savings on to my clients.

Do not forget to label the box with all the necessary shipping information. We carry boxes in a variety of sizes and all the necessary supplies, such as bubble cushioning. I made the same mistake with bubble wrap once, with the same results — only once, shipping large artwork. Jason, you always provide the best information in a simple and easy to understand format. Call Now! Call our small move experts today Start My Estimate Online.

Call Now. How Do I Ship Paintings? It is a very strong, tear resistant and breathable material. The UPS Store can help with crating and shipping your large art items. This is an exceptionally useful article. And I would add that seal release paper is great for covering encaustic paintings. Fantastic article and interesting to read the comments.

Need to ship large artwork? Thank you, Jason and everyone else for the great tips. I also have to say that a local packer told me they once used plastic palettte wrap when packing an acrylic painting and when it arrived the plastic pulled off some of the acrylic paint in the process of unwrapping. It should include:. Find out which shipping method is best for your move. I saw the saddest result of inadequate packing yesterday.

TSI can help—our experienced logistics coordinators will connect you with an expert artwork shipping company and help you create a shipping plan that works for your schedule and budget, including recurring shipments.

PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. The best foam is new and therefore not compacted by previous use. Thanks very much. It is strong and grease resistant.